Monday, July 29, 2013

Catching Up

     Hey! Long time no post... Sorry about that! :) I got a bit distracted with... Well... Life? I feel like the turbo switch has been switched on in my life this week... Everything is a blur!

     I recently accepted an apprenticeship with Lastwear designs based in Seattle, so I went down to meet Lyssa on Wednesday and started on Friday! I sewed buttons, tagged clothes at got to watch them draft patterns and sew mock-ups. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and can't wait to learn more! (Plus design a Steampunk costume for Steam-Con this year!)

     On Saturday, I washed cars all day for my VB fundraiser for school, and on Sunday I was modeling for a workshop in Seattle. It was run by Joe Matke, the guy who did the post-production hair styling for the Hunger Games, and I was a hair model. It was unpaid (of course!) but I really need the experience... So, that's where my weekend went, I did manage to sew a few small things today, I made some throw pillows for the bed in the loft! It felt so good to sit down at my sewing machine today, even though I did a bunch of really basic things, it was very satisfying. Here are the pictures!

I made six little throws for the bed, each one is a different size, and they are all done in different fabrics!

Vertical shot, I plan to make more, hopefully some larger ones to put along the wall, I also want to make a bunch of throws, and a rug.

Well, I guess not. Blogger won't upload them?! Humph. I guess I'll try later. Grrr....  Fixed it! :)

Thanks for looking! :)

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