Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clothes for Ante

     Hey! I did finally get to some sewing today! I made a couple new things for my MNF Ante that should be arriving in early September. She is an inch shorter than Scathatch (who is modeling), and it is all in her legs, so things will be a bit longer on her. You'll just have to imagine the cute, stubby legs! <3

Here are the pictures!

Her rose dress, it has a pleat at the neckline, and a lace collar with a ribbon drawstring in the back, so I can cinch it tighter or make it looser for unique looks. I found this quilters cotton at Joann's and I fell in love.

Look at that print! :D

The lace is a cotton crochet lace, also from Joann's

Detail shot of the pleating

This dress is another 'sack'-- but it is more A-line than a sack..-- made in another quilters cotton. It has 3/4 sleeves, and a pater pan collar. It also features three 'growth tucks' at the hem... For decoration... This is a great dress for fall, and will most likely be worn with leggings, boots and a shawl or jacket of sorts.

Pretty even, I think I'm getting better at free-handing even lines!
So, that's what I've been up to today. Later, we're bringing my grandpa lunch to celebrate his birthday. (Which is today!) I also got a few things for my birthday to put in my doll rooms, most of which went straight to the loft. All it needs now is a proper bed, rug, chandelier and wall hangings!

The jewelry box that sits beneath the hutch is from my Aunt and Uncle, she found it at a thrift shop (I think) and it is PERFECT for the room! My other aunt made the origami dress out of a dictionary page! It is quite possibly the cutest origami thing I have ever seen!

Thanks for looking!

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