Wednesday, July 31, 2013


     Hey TRIPLE posting for today! I don't know if you've hear about this book series, but I just heard about it, and I'm hooked. The first book is called Divergent, and they are written by Veronica Roth. So, if you haven't read them yet, please do so, they are fantastic! After finishing the first book, I immediately began to dream of a new project, one that would be both time-consuming, and expensive! (Those seem to be my favorites..) I decided to learn how to sculpt BJD's! The main character in the book(s) is named Beatrice, but changes her name to Tris. She is small and weak, but makes up for it in bravery (stupidity) and spunk! I've watched numerous youtube clips, and I've read every tutorial you could think of! Every source has said to start with a blueprint, so I did. I got a piece of poster board from our trusty Dollar Tree, and I made a grid, and sketched a two-way view of Tris. I proportioned her to my Minifee, because when I finish her, that's who she'll be interacting with. She is going to have 'muscles' in her abdomen, strong legs, and be about two inches shorter than a Minifee, but mostly size-compatible for clothing. I also hope to be able to sell the dolls, once they're cast, and make a few Limited Full-sets. My goal is to have her finished by the time the movie comes out, mid-March, but I'm not sure if that is a viable goal either. Anyways, here is my blueprint!

OK. This is embarrassing. My pictures won't load, just imagine a BJD blueprint here...

Erp. Don't look at it to closely, especially the head.

I've actually already had a few failures, first off, I was to impatient to wait for my Michaels store to stock paperclay, so I just got model Magic. Mistake. It cracks like crazy! So, they should have some more by this weekend, then I can get sculpting again!

Thanks for looking!

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