Saturday, July 13, 2013

MORE Sewing!

    Hey! Things have been a bit slow around here, well not really, but slow in dolly-land! We've been really busy, including planning for a trip-- We leave on Monday, for MN! (Ugh... We're driving...) But, I will have plenty to do, and hopefully I can plan out some posts, even though I will have internet access. Today, I'm getting my headshots done at My talent agency, Tiffany Talent I've only been to a couple of auditions this year, and only booked one real job... For an extra in an insurance commercial! I also tried out for a movie, a student film, and got the lead role but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflict. Drew got his cast off a couple of days ago, if you didn't already know (not sure if I shared this..) He fractured his elbow on fathers day. He had to have surgery, and two pins inserted. Ick! But, everything looks perfect now-- And he can go back to being the mischievous two year old!

     I've been sewing like a crazy person for Ante (I really need to decide on a name, or else she'll forever be 'Ante') but I've only taken pictures of one outfit. So, that's what I'm going to show you today! :) Also, Scathatch has switched over to the blue eyes, and I think she looks stunning! I've purchased a brown banged wig with a bit of pink in it too, so she might be playing dress-up for awhile! :)

Here are the pics!

The full outfit, I made basic cream leggings, for lots of mix-and-matching, a cream puff-sleeved tee, a cute head wrap, and some great high-waisted floral shorts!

I think she looks so sassy with these eyes in!

There are matching pleats in the back of the shorts as well... I love how they turned out!
Sorry about the ramble-y post... Thanks for looking!

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