Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I passed!

     Hey! Since I turn 16 on Monday, I decided to take my state drivers test today. I'm not the best driver, and I'm always a bit scared to go out and drive. So, taking this test was a HUGE obstacle for me. I've been stressing about it since I finished drivers ed, so I decided that today was the day! So, I called to make an appointment, and they had an opening today... What would a smart(er) person do? Take the option for Friday, or maybe even Monday. But what did I do? I took it. I figured that I would stress myself out too much for it to make sense taking any other day, and that I just needed to get it over with. And I am happy to say that I passed! You have to get a minimum of 80 points to pass (out of 100) and I passed with an 88. I missed points on hitting the curb when backing around a corner, a bumped the curb during parallel parking (otherwise, it was perfect!) and I slowed traffic when entering a turning lane... Oh well! Next step: go to the DOL on Monday and get my license! :) Sorry about the babbling, I'm SO excited and I just had to share! :D

     Here's a very happy me!

     Thanks for looking!

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