Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     Hey! I know, my posting has been kind of lame lately... Today I'm going to the DOL to get my license! (Our DOL isn't open on Mondays... -.-) Yesterday my friend Bethany and I had a great time, we went to a Goodwill in Everett where you pay by the pound for your items, and we each found a couple of cute things. hen, we went to Hobby Lobby and Pacific Fabrics. And holy cow! I've never been to Hobby Lobby, an I was thoroughly impressed. That place has EVEYTHING! Oddly enough, I didn't make any purchases, I didn't have a plan for any crafting, so I guess this was just  check-everything-out kind of trip. We also wen into Pacific Fabrics, and I love that store to! I was going to get a few things for my sewing, but I decided not to-- Not really sure why, but I definitely want to go back! Then, we went to our favorite little fast food place for lunch, Extreme Pita! They have delicious Pitas, salads and even pizzas! And after that we went to a cute little antiques shop in downtown Arlington, I found a pair of piking shears that are the same brand a my sewing scissors and a cute fabric to make bunting out of. So, I had a very fun time yesterday, and it feels great to be 16! I'm babysitting all day today, so I won't be able to get to my sewing, but I hope to have pictures of m new creations shorty! Thanks for looking!

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