Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Modern Anna

     Hey! My poor American girl Dolls haven't gotten any attention lately, so I decided to tackle a custom order and make something fun! I don't have any modern girls in my collection, but it is still fun to sew things for modern girls now and again. Anna (AKA: Marie-Grace) is a customized doll, she is my 'time-traveler'... She mainly stays in the 1910's, but she is my first choice for a modern girl, her long hair and sweet expression are perfect for photo shoots! This is a mock-up of an outfit commissioned on Agplaythings, they had seen an outfit I did for a giveaway a while back-- And wanted a replica! I used the pattern I modified for the cutoff button-up, and I made the high-low skirt with contrasting textured waistband. Here's Anna modeling, enjoy!

Thanks for looking! :)

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