Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More BJD issues

     Hey.. I know... I know! I've asked this way too much, but, here I am again with more troubles. So, I found someone who is willing to part with their MNF Chloe in NS-- I have recently come up with a neat concept for this particular character to replace (tan Celine) in Robyn's story. This character will be named Camryn, her parents are archeologists and they travel all over the world (mostly Europe) and spend a lot of time in the desert. She is daring and adventurous, but style-challenged. Being homeschooled, she doesn't have to worry too much about her appearance, so she finds herself wearing a lot of tees/cargo-pants. After moving around her whole life, she finally finds herself in the USA going to a local arts school where she meets Robyn. (I'm debating on making them roommates, or they might just be friends, the loft room is Robyn's, so maybe Camryn can just visit?) She will have black (very thick) hair and light eyes, (Grey?) LOTS of freckles and either tan or Natural skin. Anyways, as you can see, I've developed this character a bit more than Celine-- And I've become rather attached to the idea of having her, so I will make her in doll form! But, I would like to ask a couple of things.

1. Should I get her in NS or TS?

Pros to TS: It seems like she would be tan, if she lived in the desert her whole life-- So accuracy... I would be able to sell her for at least what I paid if I changed my mind.
Cons to TS: Its limited, so I would have to decide right away. The parts aren't interchangeable between NS/TS so she couldn't share any body parts. No mods. I don't know if I'd like to mod her yet, but if I do decide to, I wouldn't be able to. It would take FOREVER to get her. DDE is swamped with orders right now, plus TS takes extra time to make so I would have to wait about three months (if not more.) and that is very depressing.
Pros to NS: I would be able to freckle her a TON an every single one would show up. I would be able to get her much sooner. I love the idea of the dark hair/light eyes/light skin contrast.
Cons to NS: She wouldn't be tan. :(

2. Should I give her a faceup myself, or try for a slot with Xhanthi over at Jointed love?

3. Should I wait to get her, or try to scrape up the cash now?

     I think I can get the $$ together by the time I need to purchase the secondhand girl, or I can save up (for sure) by the end of the TS ordering period. I have a few things to sell, and a few custom orders coming through. The second hand doll is $450, for the full doll with faceup and regular/heel feet. I have that much in savings, but I'd really like to keep that around for emergencies. Anyeays, I'm obviously at a crossroad, and I would like a few opinions! Thank you so much for your help, and for reading my crazy everything!

     Here's a picture of a GORGEOUS doll (not my picture) that spurred this whole idea. Ideally, I'd like her to look just like this-- But she would be SO pretty in TS too! :(

Ohhhhhh So pretty! I just LOVE her so much!!!
Here's a link to her clothing 'wish list' on etsy, the good news is that she can share a lot of clothing with Scathatch so I won't have to buy as much. :)

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