Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Things for the Loft

     Hey! The BJD loft is coming along nicely, I finally got around to making some decorations, I made some bunting for the walls, and I think it goes nicely with the overall 'feel' of the room. I also picked up Rebecca's Bed on Craig's List. That has been on my want-to-buy-someday list for awhile, but the $125.00 (not including shipping/tax) price tag has held me back. I love the bed, but I'm not too sure about the sizing, it feels a but big for my MNF girl, but there aren't any other options for this size, and I wouldn't be able to make what I'm looking for. So, I think I'll just suck it up, and if it *really* bothers me later, I can sell it! I think I got a pretty good deal, I paid $80.00 for it. Anyways, here are the pictures!

A full-view of the room! All of those clothes behind the cabinet are ones I've made recently, I just don't have places to store things! XD

Tris is looking moody, but she is happy to finally have a place to sit and brood.

     Thanks for looking! :)

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