Wednesday, July 24, 2013


     Hey! I've bee doing a good bit of sewing lately, not with any character in mind, just some things for fun! :) I had the urge to use my eyelet punch yesterday, so I *had* to make an under-bust so I could put eyelets in something...Then, I decided that there was nothing to pair with it, so I used up some really neat quilters cotton I found at Joann's (It has sheet music printed on it!) and made a Victorian-style blouse. After that, I needed to make a skirt, so the outfit could be complete, but once I finished that, it needed something so I made a bustle as well. Phew! Now, I really want to make an aviator cap (or goggles), and some spats! I don't know where any of my girl(s) will ever wear this, but, now if a circumstance presents itself, they are prepped. :)

Here's Tris modeling:

The full ensemble... So far!

I thought this was the sweetest print, but I didn't really know what to use it for...

Gotta love the vintage trim! (Don't look to closely, I pleated it in a hurry... :/ )

The back, no, nothing has closures yet... The tank has a racer back design feature, it's tied with a matching ribbon.

     Thanks for looking!

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