Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE Narnia Dress.

     Hey! You'll be glad to hear that I did finish my dress in time to wear it to my birthday party last Sunday, even if I was still working on it Saturday evening! I tried to do some hand-embroidery, like the movie dress, but it ended up looking awful... So I tore it out. Then, I had the idea to paint on the embroidery. The only problem is, once you start, there's no going back! A smart person would've tested the paint on a piece of scrap before painting all over their $100-custom-made-one-of-a-kind dress, but, it was me, so I just jumped right in! :) I found a design online, and just eyed it as I went along. It came out pretty symmetrical, there aren't any spots that really bother me-- And I LOVE the overall effect! I also added in the eyelets up the back of the dress, and got some suede-cord to the front slit and for lacing in the back. So, that wraps up my Narnia Dress Chronicle-- And now here are the final pictures!

Here I am! Even though I look nothing like Susan, I couldn't help but feel like her in this dress!

I made it a bit larger, so I have some room to grow!

This is an awful picture of me, but it was really bright outside, so we all were squinting! This is my family, and some friends. From LtoR: My Grandma Melody, Grandpa Dave, Julius Dorsey (Old neighbors), My Dad, Uncle Jeremy, Trent Dorsey, Aunt Kat, Genna Dorsey, Melanie (Kat's Niece), Malcom (Dorsey's Grandpa), Me, Zach/Drew (my brothers...), Aunt Karla, Cindy Dorsey (Mom) and Uncle Jeff. Everyone dressed up as a different character, except for the Tumnus Twins! I made my brothers costume, and my dads. (Zach's costume was for a different event, but he decided to 'recycle' it and be the green mist for the VODT movie!) Anyways, this is my crazy family, I love them all-- I mean, who else has a grandpa that will wear a lion's suit for his granddaughter's 16th Birthday?!
Thanks for looking! :)

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