Monday, July 22, 2013


     Hey! I've been reading the Divergent series, well I finished the first two books, now I'm waiting for the third... Anyways, I've figured out what to name Scathatch's alter ego! Introducing Tris, she's the main character in the book series, but I don't want to give too much away... So, I'll just show you pictures instead. :) This is my take on the style of clothing she might wear, her actual clothes will be black/grey (maybe) but for now, I'm just trying to use up what I have on hand! I made another piece that didn't make it into the photo shoot, but she has a hood with a neckpiece, it covers her whole head, and looks sort of like an infinity scarf around her neck. Without further delay, here are the pictures!

The first combination, cream leggings, brown ribbed-knit tee w/crooked hem, 'leather' shoulder harness, leg holster and brown boots

I'm loving the hair/eye combo... This doesn't really look anything like the book descriptions of Tris, I just thought her character was fitting! :)

Close-up of holster, no gun though.

Erp. o.o her eyes are crooked!

Second combo: Half tank, crooked skirt ( I like to think of it as if they used to be a dress, but it got ripped, so she made on half into a skirt ((flipped it upside down/rotated it)) and left the top as a top!), Leggings, boots, and harness/holster.

This combo is one of my favorites, I actually like this with the skirt the best! :)
Thanks for looking!

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