Friday, July 5, 2013


     Hey! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th, I had a great time at our friends lake house. We played in the water all day, and I got to try paddle boarding! The fireworks were awesome, but really annoying when trying to sleep! We left the lake around 10:30ish and got home about 10:40... Things were crazy around our house! I did finally fall asleep, but I doubt it was before midnight... Oh well, I got to sleep I this morning, and I'm thankful its only one night a year!

     As far as sewing/crafting goes, I haven't been doing much. I didn't touch my sewing machine yesterday (Gasp!), but I started to work on the embroidery for my Susan dress. And I must say, I really am not loving the embroidery! I think I may leave it of until I can get some more experience, or maybe just better thread, because it looks OK-- Just not what I expected.

     I don't know if you've heard, but American Girl is Archiving another set of dolls, this time we're saying 'farewell' to Molly and Emily. Even though I knew it was coming, I still felt pretty sad. I thought that they would postpone it until later this year. Nope! I woke up one morning to this:

Ugh. I just purchased Molly secondhand, and I've been gathering some of her things. Unfortunately, I still have a LOT of things that I would like to get for her, and most of them are retired.
So far, I have:
Red PJ's
Christmas Dress
Polka Dot outfit
And I still want:
Hula outfit
School supplies
Birthday Dress
Camp Uniform
Miss Victory outfit
Curl Kit
Original Bed (2nd version)
Nighttime Necessities
Vanity Table
After School outfit
Roller Skating outfit
Roller Skates
Sweater and skirt outfit
     Ugh. The list never ends! Of those still available from the store, the ones that I will most likely get are her: Birthday Dress, and Miss Victory costume. And I may be going to the Lynwood mall tomorrow, so I might be able to pick those up! :)
    In BJD land, Scathatch is currently the only BJD that I own. I will be sending her body to be de-yellowed soon, but I really would like to do it once I get my MNF Ante, so I can have a doll to sew for when she's gone. On my MNF wait, I'm in about one week. Of course, this week doesn't count because DDE only submits orders on Saturdays. But, I think I'll count this week, and say that I have 11 weeks left. This wait is going to be tough, and I hope that my order is processed quickly. Or I think I might go crazy. (Crazier than I already am.) A few M-line dolls have arrived to members of the Denofangels forum, and I am so excited for this new body! Here are a few pictures of  Andreja's M-line Chloe:
(These are NOT my pictures)
     The one in the cream sweater if the M-line gal, I tried to get the picture of them standing together up, but it wouldn't load. Andreja also has a A-line Chloe, but they look so sweet together! <3 Here's a link to the picture of them standing side-by-side... I LOVE the height difference!
     So, that's what been going one lately. Sorry about the SUPER long post with lots of information.. but, now you know! :) Thanks for looking!

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