Thursday, July 18, 2013

Working Out the Kinks

     Hey! I've been busy sewing this week, I've been creating patterns to create PDF's out of... So far, I've made a pattern for jean shorts, and a button-up sleeveless top. Next, I have to do a step-by-step picture guide, and write the instructions. Phew! Both items are made to fit the minifee girls, and will fit (most) bust sizes. Anyways, Here are my newest creations!

Full-length shot, I haven't added buttons/snaps to the shirt yet, but you get the idea! :) Also, I forgot to take a picture of the back, it has a box pleat at the collar, I'm thinking of making a version with a yoke, for more of a western vibe.

Close-up of the shirt... And teensy pocket!

This is Scathatch's alter-ego. She's more than happy to model girly things for me! I bought a new wig for Robyn (Trying a name or Ante), and I wondered what she'd look like with long hair, and viola! I LOVE this new look for her!

     I also have a pattern for 'basics' in the works, things like tanks, tees, leggings... All that good stuff! I would like to have these ready by next month, but I'm not sure if that is do-able. Anyways, just thought I'd share! Thanks for looking!

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