Saturday, August 31, 2013

Contest #2

Hey! We are tied up in votes... #2 and #5... I will leave the contest open for one more day, so I don't have to do a coin toss to pick the winner! :) Vote, and tell your friends to vote! Thanks!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh baby!

     Hey! Today's post will be all about a new member of the BJD family! I finally got my hands on a dollzone Christmas baby (remember that post?) Unfortunately, I was only able to get a boy, not the girl I had wanted. But, I'll keep my eyes peeled and if something different pops up, I can sell this baby. Anyways, I haven't really made a ton of things for her yet, those adorable little crochet outfits I ordered online don't fit (Boo) but I gave her a temporary faceup, until I decide if she's going to be staying or not! I took a TON of pictures this morning... But only a few turned out OK(ish) so here are the OK-ish pictures... :)

Little Riley Jo. She most likely won't be a part of my stories, but if she is, she'll be an adopted child of Camryn's from when she lived overseas. Thanks for looking!


Thursday, August 29, 2013


     Hey! Only one more day to vote for the photo contest entries! So far, I only have a couple of votes, and I'd like to get at least 10... SO tell your friends and vote, vote vote!

     Secondly, I have started my school volleyball season, that's why I haven't been posting, I have practices from 9am-2pm Mon-Sat. So, my posting may be pretty sparse from then until school starts around here. I apologize in advance!

     Thirdly, (such a strange word... say it again.. Thirdly... Is that even a word?!) Anyways, I've been working on a bit of back-to-school sewing for myself. I will be doing my classes at Everett Community College this year, and if I can complete an AA degree by he time I graduate, I can get a high school diploma and my AA! Of course, this has nothing to do with looking good at school, but maybe it'll help improve my attitude towards school! :) I found this great striped fabric at a yard sale, I got two yards for only $.50! All I need to do is run down to Joann's for some elastic... Total cost of the skirt: Less than $5.00-- And about an hour of time. Here's the fabric I used:

     I also found this neat sweater, it's from the UK and it's wool. It has a really vintage-y look, and I think it would look adorable with a pair of leggings and a messy bun during the winter, so cozy! I had to send it to the dry-cleaners, so I'll have to get pictures later!

     I'm trying to go for a Seattle look this year, more indie-urban chic I guess? :) I posted one of my back to school looks from polyvore down below... Anyways, thanks for listening to me jabber... And thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Contest #2 Submissions

     Hey! I posted about this yesterday, and here are all of the entries that were submitted for my photo contest! The challenge was: to photograph your hobby, or something that brings you joy, and give a brief write-up about why. Here's what you guys came up with... I love all of your creativity!

Entry #1: Mikaela Vall

"I'm entering the second contest with my love of cooking! I cook mostly deserts, using only fruit and a knife! Hope you like it!"

Entry #2: Jordy

"This picture combines a few of my favorite things: Bunnies (the one in the picture is named Charlie), Swimming (there's a pool in the background), Editing (I edited the picture a little bit), Photography (I had to take the picture), and chilling for summer (Charlie is on a-what's supposed to be a beach towel, on a lounge chair, beside a pool.)"

Entry #3: Jan

"That's Tinsley.
She is an Alice Cherry Blossom, probably 2nd edition. I looked for 3 years before I found her. She was the first BJD I ever bought, and at the time was the most expensive thing I had bought myself.
Every time I open her box and see her sweet face, it makes me perfectly happy.
Because of Tinsley, I had a 'reason' to buy a kit and build a dollhouse, something I have wanted to do since childhood! I started to collect miniatures, I began to learn how to build them. I bought some FIMO and learned to make little clay food props for the house.
And of course, I always had an eye open for wardrobe and accessory additions.
Since then I have added more BJD s to my family, made more room boxes, taken more pictures, and mostly, just accepting that I don't need to be shy about what I like! Hmmm she's cost me a ton of money, ha ha ha, but I feel more creative and have lots of fun.
I'm so lucky I was able to find and buy her!"
Entry #4: Heather
"One of my favorite activities is reading. I am always reading... and I always have a book with me, even when I know I'm going somewhere where there is *no* chance I will be able to read. I feel naked without a book!
This picture is of Christie (My Melody Barbie) kicking back and relaxing with a good book (this one happens to be book one of "Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black)."
Entry #5: Bobby
"I love hiking in forests and in mountains, and I consider that as one of my hobbies, so to show that, I took a picture of my American Girl Doll, Julie.  In the picture she is hiking, to show my hobby."
Entry #6: Sri
"My hobby is American Girl Dolls, I love playing with them and dressing them up.  I also like to make furniture and pretend they are actually real.  Recently, with my dolls Caroline and Julie, I created a little lemonade stand for them, and I took a picture of it for this. The dress Julie is wearing is an outfit that I actually sewed for her."
Thank you so much for all of those who took the time to enter! If you would like to vote, just leave a comment on the (one) entry that you are voting for... You can just use the numbering system if you'd like... (ie. I vote for #1 etc...) Again, thank you all for being so supportive! I hope to do many more giveaways in the future, maybe even get a sponsor or two! ;)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Chance!

     Hey! Just a little reminder, today is the LAST day to enter my photo contest! I currently have 5 entries, and the winner will receive a custom outfit (by me) of their choice for either an American Girl doll, or a MNF. Read all about it here and send in your entries! I will be accepting them until midnight tonight. Tomorrow, I will put them all up on the blog and you can vote for your favorite... Tell your friends... And ENTER NOW! :) Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 19, 2013

MORE quilting

     Hey! Lately, I've been addicted to quilting. This weekend, I managed to sneak enough time to finish one American Girl size quilt, and a tiny quit for the dollzone Christmas Baby that I am still looking for. The quilt blocks of the teensy quilt are 1 inch square, before seam allowances! I free-motion quilted the top with little hearts and spirals and machine-embroidered "Riley Jo" on the border. The back is finished in the turquoise/White check print, and it is bound like I bind all of the other quilts! The American Girl quilt is made in a "bowtie" pattern, it ha 16 blocks, each made with a check or a plaid print, some are even flannel! The top is quilted, the borders are free-motion, and the blocks are done by going over the lines in each piece with a straight stitch set on '5' stitch length... So, basically a gathering stitch. (It helps give it a homemade look) I also did a star patterned quilt last week, but never shared it. When I finished the top, I had every intention to add borders and quilt it, but it was so pretty that I couldn't bring myself to add to it. So, it sits at the foot of Robyn's bed in the loft. The fabrics for this one were all bought at Joann Fabrics, I have TONS of leftovers, and was planning on making a few more itty-bitty quilts to possibly sell? Anyways, here are the pictures!

If I make the itty bitty quilts to sell, where do you think I should sell them? Do you think anyone would buy them?? Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two more days!

     Hey! Just wanted to let you all know that there's only TWO more days to enter my photo contest! The winner will receive a custom outfit made by me for either a Minifee, or an American Girl doll! Read all about it here ... So far, I only have three entries, so your chances are pretty good... :) Hopefully I will get some more entries! Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 16, 2013


     Hey! This weekend, my parents are out of town, they went to CA for my dad's work... I get to watch my brothers, and I'm getting paid... Which is nice. Today, we're planning on going to see Disney's Planes in the theatre... Drew (2yrs.) is a HUGE Cars fan, so I'm sure he will enjoy himself! Unfortunately, that means that I won't have much sewing/crafting time, and I won't be able to introduce Camryn this weekend. (I'm still looking for her wig... And I have to send a payment for her eyes!) I've actually found the wig I want to purchase, but I would like to sell a couple of other things first. She came with a pair of eyes/wig, but they really don't fit her character so I think that I can sell those and use the $$$ to buy her 'real' eyes/wig. I've also began freckling her, she has freckles on her upper arms, face, chest/neck area so far... But I still have to do everything else! I'm also thinking of sending her off to Ban Sidhe to have her sealed and have her lips redone. Oy! So much money, time and effort! I hope its all worth it...

Here's what I've been thinking of as far as wigs go...

This is an ebay (cheaper) wig, its the right style/length, but it almost looks to polished for the look I'm going for.

This is Monique's 'Jojo' wig, I think that I will end up going with this one, its a bit more expensive (About $28.00) but I think it will be worth it. Hopefully I can sell her other wig for $22 and her eyes for $5 so I can get it!

     I sold Scathatch as well. She just wasn't working out for me as far as her character. I felt so limited by what I could do with her, so she almost always was 'Tris' instead of herself. I may re-shell her in the future, but I'm not really sure! So, I'm working out a buyer for the head right now, but her body is being traded (partially) for a custom wardrobe for Camryn! Its pictured below, on the set from polyvore... So, she will get all of those clothes to start off her wardrobe, and now I just have to get her some boots... Holy cow, she's even needier than Robyn!

     Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


     Hey! I've been working on a couple of new things, new to me anyways... While browsing at our local book shop, I found a great book for making miniature quilts with traditional design. Each quilt measures around 22x22" which is perfect for American Girl doll beds... So, for $8.00 I snatched up the book and got sewing! You'd think with all of my sewing that I do, I would have enough coordinating scraps to make a miniature quilt... WRONG. Apparently, I don't like to create things out of coordinating fabrics, because the most scraps I could find in my stash that were semi-matching was nine. And trying to make a quilt with only nine colors can be challenging. So, I went to my grandma's house for a quiet afternoon and picked fabrics from her scraps and cut the templates out. I started with a 'confidant beginner' quilt titles "Kate's House"... And I can't just not make a quilt named after me, so I present to you, a slightly altered version of "Kate's House"

     I left off the birds, for now, and did some freehand-machine quilting on specific spots... The grass is done in swirls, as is the bush, the border is a stylized leaf, and the tree is just up/down lines... I had a great time making this one, and I'm already working on the next! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Modern Molly

     Hey! Since I sold Ana, I have no girls left to model my modern creations.... So, Molly gets to drop the glasses and bobby sox and be a majestic modern gal! ;) I'm making some modern pieces for Misselizabeth on Agplaythings in exchange for her wonderful Narnia creations! (She does all of my Narnia sewing) Its ironic, isn't it? We both are perfectly capable of making our own things, but we each choose someone else's work over our own! But, I've never been satisfied with the things I make, I tend to focus on the mistakes too much, so I re-work things until things 'perfect' in my eyes... But that never happens... So I end up in a perpetual state of change. Or, I end up just living with the mistakes and not using the pieces that much. :(

     Anyways, She sent me this great little inspirational album with the girl that these will be for as well as some great pictures and ideas for things to make! So, I present to you the first couple of pieces for Clarisse modeled by Molly.

The full 'outfit' socks and shoes aren't included... Kit would miss her work boots! -.-

No buttons yet... I can't decide between buttons or snaps!

'Cuz every girl needs a bow!

Lots of topstitching... But for some reason, the left sleeve came out REALLLLLYYYYY tight... And I don't know why... I cut it the same as the right, I even used the same seam allowance!
Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more Clarisse sewing! ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Alice in Wonderland!

     Hey! Sorry about the non-posting... Things have been pretty crazy around here! I've been sewing a lot, and working on Camryn's (the MNF Chloe) character, even though she's been here for a few days! I'll put together an intro soon... Hopefully she will have the right eyes/wig because as of now, I'm not as madly in love with her as I thought I would be, but I think once I get her clothes/hair/eyes she'll be a dream! I decided to sell all of my Rebecca/Anna American Girl dolls/items (except for her bed, which is in the loft) so I can make a room for Camryn, I made a new development in her story, her parents are actually missionaries as well as archeologists. They travel a TON, but Camryn loves every minute of it.

     Back on topic now... I've been working on a (big) project recently, its a costume for me, to wear at my aunt's birthday party later this month-- Its Alice in Wonderland themed! She decided that we're going to a tea house, and we all can dress up! So, my first choice would've been to make her blue dress, (the one from the Tim Burton version of the movie, not the book/movie) but I figured that other people might do the same, and I wanted to be unique... (Ha ha ha imagine that!) So, I decided to make her 'Um' dress. If you haven't seen the movie, please do. It is one of my favorites, mostly because of the costumes! Here's a picture of the dress:

Now, I couldn't find the correct fabrics with my $40.00 budget, so, I went with what I could find. Almost everything is just pinned together in the next couple of pictures, so if you have any suggestions, let them be heard! :)
My version:
I still have to add the black tulle to the skirt, and the sash-thing... The bodice is lined and it has fusible interfacing sandwiched in there somewhere... It makes it stiff, and not see-through. Its not the best, but not bad for a couple of hours and $40! (Actually, I only spent about $35.00, there's about 6 yds. of tulle in the skirt, and I'm thinking it needs more!)
Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Civil War

     Hey! Addy decided that it was high time that she got any attention, so I decided to make her a blouse/skirt combo that would fit over her underthings. I wanted to make a mature style for her, so I used her school suit pattern for the blouse, and just winged it for the skirt! :) The skirt is pleated, so it can support her full hoop, and I added a bit of width to the back of the blouse to accommodate her corset, chemise and other layers of petticoats, drawers and hoop. I found the skirt fabric at a yard sale, it was almost a yard and only $.50! I was going to make a matching jacket, but I used the rest of the fabric to make the rug in the BJD loft... Oops. Oh well, Addy is just happy to have some mature clothes that fit! I've had to get rid of a bunch of her American Girl brand dresses because they don't even work with a petticoat, let alone her hoop! Anyways, here are the pictures!

Full-length shot... See how full it is?? The skirt is barely able to support her hoop... Crazy!

The blouse is pleated, then topstitched. It has a stand-up collar and a little bow just for kicks! ;)

The skirt is my own design, overall, I like the look, and it is a great piece for mix-and matching! :)
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Drumroll please.......

The winner of my 100 posts giveaway who will receive a skirt made for the doll of their choice is...


Building suspense.....


Are you dying yet??


 Leah OfFoxandBird! Congratulations! Please e-mail me at to discuss your prize... Thank you to all who entered, I appreciate you all!

Remember, I still have one other contest going on, its a photo contest and there are only two entries so far! The prize is a custom outfit for an AG or a minifee!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Last Chance!

     Hey! I know some of you have entered my 100 posts giveaway but I thought I'd give one more shout-out before drawing names... As of now, there are only five entries, so you have pretty good chances! If you want to enter, you can leave a comment on this post, or on the original contest page... Sorry, if you've already entered, you won't be entered again, but nice try! ;)

     The prize for the winner is a skirt made for your choice of doll! I will send it to you as soon as a finish it... Enter, enter, enter! And tell your friends! I will be closing this contest tonight at midnight... Only 5.5 hours left! :)

Finishing Things

     Hey! I've been on a huge 'finishing' kick this week, I've only started one new project this week, and I'm almost done, but I've finished several. I've also almost met my $200.00 goal, I'm at about $125-150 right now, and I still have a few more things to put up! Yesterday, my mom asked me to go to Michaels to pick up some scrapbooking tape for her. I didn't have anything else going that day, so I decided to browse a bit and look for some doll things. The first thing I spotted was a small crate, I though that that would be so cute in the loft, so I picked it up... Only $1.00! Next, in the summer clearance isle, I spotted a cute mini birdcage... It was orange, but only $1.00... then, I saw these super cute canvas decal-stickers. They had a bunch of different designs, all less than $2.00... Mine was $1.49... Finally, I found these neat wooden plaque-things that are (really) heavy and a painted white and distressed a little bit, I thought they'd be perfect to make a window, they are! Only $1.00 each. When I got home, I went to work! I spray-painted the birdcage with some blue spray-paint I had sitting around, and I made some paper flowers and used some scrap fabrics to put inside. I printed out a picture of an NY loft view, (its not realistic at ALL, but it looks cute!) and I decoupage-d it onto the 'windows' and I hot glued those to the wall. I put the crate under the bed, and put a cute canvas sticker on it, and I placed the other stickers around the room. Then, this morning I made a braided rug for the floor... I used leftover scraps from a project I finished for Addy, and some of the bunting scraps, and plain white muslin. So, here is the loft, this is as finished as I think it will get, aside from some more blankets/pillows and making more books to fill the bookshelves and possibly getting another window on the music wall, or putting artwork on it.

Full-shot... I think the birdcage might be too much... Maybe if I painted over it in white?

The rug... It took over a hour to make!

The canvas stickers, there is one on the side of the wardrobe as well!
Another full-shot... Tris is sitting down this time! :)
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Sewing... The Product!

     Hey! This week I've been working on tying up loose ends. I'm making good progress, but I still have a long trek! I've had a pile of things to sell sitting around FOREVER that I just got around to getting listed, some on facebook, others on e-bay and some on Craig's List. I decided that I need to finish a bunch of things before I can start new projects, so my BJD sculpting has been put on hold until further notice. I also have a few custom works that I've been finishing up. I'm thinking of closing my etsy shop, I don't get enough business to even cover new listing fees every month! :( At least when I 'list' things on here, I don't get slammed with fees. But, as an incentive, I purchased a Minifee Chloe with an artist faceup that I'm going to add to so she can become Camryn. She should be here next week, whoo-hoo! I've sold over $200 worth of items in the past couple of weeks, so I told myself that if I can sell another $200 by the time she gets here, I can get the clay for making Beatrice as well.

 I have pictures of one of my recent commissions, I still have to add button/buttonholes to the shirt, but other than that, its done! Anna is modeling (Again):

Awful picture, but you get the idea ;) This is the finished product of the mock-up I showed a couple of posts ago!

Getting closer....

BRIGHT red button up! Its full-length, not a tie-off like the mock-up. I thought that this would be a bit more practical!

Pretty red roses, I was going to make this print into a skirt for myself, but it works well in doll-size too!

I added an under-layer to this one because the fabric is white, making it a bit more transparent...No dolly flashing!
Thanks for looking, and letting me ramble! ;)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

100 Posts!

     Whoo-hoo! I made it to 100 posts! Honestly, I didn't think I was going to make it this far... And I definitely couldn't have done it without you! In the past, I had always been to scared to start a blog, I've never been very open about my doll-collecting, and putting it on the internet made it available to ANYONE who wanted see it! But, I've always wanted an outlet to share my creations with the world. So, this blog represents me conquering one of my fears, and it's a celebration of everything that makes me unique.

     To celebrate, I'd like to do a giveaway... Here's what I was thinking... I would like to do two of them, one based on luck-- The other on effort/skill. To clarify, I will have two different prizes, one will be a straight-up giveaway and the other will be more of a contest. Here's how its going to work:

Giveaway #1. I will be doing a random drawing for a custom skirt made by me! It can be for an American girl doll, Fairyland MNF, Littlefee, pukifee, pukipuki or any other doll as long as you provide the measurements! :) I will pay for shipping, and hopefully get it to you within a couple of weeks. To enter, leave a comment on this post, telling me one thing that you like to read about on this blog, and one thing you would like to see more of in the future. I will be drawing the winners name out of a hat on the 5th of August, tell your friends!

Giveaway/Contest #2. This will celebrate the photography/inspirational part of my blog. I would like to see how you are inspired in what you do (dolls, sewing, baking, knitting, reading...etc...) with a picture. This picture can be of anything you like to do, think of a creative angle or take on your idea... I love cool pictures, the more creative the better! Once you take your picture, write up a little explanation ad send it to me at: I will put these up on the blog, and at the end of the contest, I'll let y'all vote! :) The prize for this contest is one custom doll outfit! You send me a picture, and I will do my best to create it! I can only offer this contest for American Girl dolls (or boy dolls) and Minifee's though, because they are the only size I own. (I also own a 17" Susan Tonner doll, and a 14" Lucy if you would like either of those instead.) Or, if they are simple pieces, I may be willing to work from measurements. This contest will be open until the 20th of August, and I will try to get the outfit crated before Sept. 20th. No cost to you, just a bit of time! :)

If you have any questions... Just let me know! :) Hopefully I can get an example up for the photo contest soon! :) Thanks for looking, and following, and supporting me!