Friday, August 16, 2013


     Hey! This weekend, my parents are out of town, they went to CA for my dad's work... I get to watch my brothers, and I'm getting paid... Which is nice. Today, we're planning on going to see Disney's Planes in the theatre... Drew (2yrs.) is a HUGE Cars fan, so I'm sure he will enjoy himself! Unfortunately, that means that I won't have much sewing/crafting time, and I won't be able to introduce Camryn this weekend. (I'm still looking for her wig... And I have to send a payment for her eyes!) I've actually found the wig I want to purchase, but I would like to sell a couple of other things first. She came with a pair of eyes/wig, but they really don't fit her character so I think that I can sell those and use the $$$ to buy her 'real' eyes/wig. I've also began freckling her, she has freckles on her upper arms, face, chest/neck area so far... But I still have to do everything else! I'm also thinking of sending her off to Ban Sidhe to have her sealed and have her lips redone. Oy! So much money, time and effort! I hope its all worth it...

Here's what I've been thinking of as far as wigs go...

This is an ebay (cheaper) wig, its the right style/length, but it almost looks to polished for the look I'm going for.

This is Monique's 'Jojo' wig, I think that I will end up going with this one, its a bit more expensive (About $28.00) but I think it will be worth it. Hopefully I can sell her other wig for $22 and her eyes for $5 so I can get it!

     I sold Scathatch as well. She just wasn't working out for me as far as her character. I felt so limited by what I could do with her, so she almost always was 'Tris' instead of herself. I may re-shell her in the future, but I'm not really sure! So, I'm working out a buyer for the head right now, but her body is being traded (partially) for a custom wardrobe for Camryn! Its pictured below, on the set from polyvore... So, she will get all of those clothes to start off her wardrobe, and now I just have to get her some boots... Holy cow, she's even needier than Robyn!

     Thanks for looking!

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