Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Modern Molly

     Hey! Since I sold Ana, I have no girls left to model my modern creations.... So, Molly gets to drop the glasses and bobby sox and be a majestic modern gal! ;) I'm making some modern pieces for Misselizabeth on Agplaythings in exchange for her wonderful Narnia creations! (She does all of my Narnia sewing) Its ironic, isn't it? We both are perfectly capable of making our own things, but we each choose someone else's work over our own! But, I've never been satisfied with the things I make, I tend to focus on the mistakes too much, so I re-work things until things 'perfect' in my eyes... But that never happens... So I end up in a perpetual state of change. Or, I end up just living with the mistakes and not using the pieces that much. :(

     Anyways, She sent me this great little inspirational album with the girl that these will be for as well as some great pictures and ideas for things to make! So, I present to you the first couple of pieces for Clarisse modeled by Molly.

The full 'outfit' socks and shoes aren't included... Kit would miss her work boots! -.-

No buttons yet... I can't decide between buttons or snaps!

'Cuz every girl needs a bow!

Lots of topstitching... But for some reason, the left sleeve came out REALLLLLYYYYY tight... And I don't know why... I cut it the same as the right, I even used the same seam allowance!
Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more Clarisse sewing! ;)

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