Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Sewing... The Product!

     Hey! This week I've been working on tying up loose ends. I'm making good progress, but I still have a long trek! I've had a pile of things to sell sitting around FOREVER that I just got around to getting listed, some on facebook, others on e-bay and some on Craig's List. I decided that I need to finish a bunch of things before I can start new projects, so my BJD sculpting has been put on hold until further notice. I also have a few custom works that I've been finishing up. I'm thinking of closing my etsy shop, I don't get enough business to even cover new listing fees every month! :( At least when I 'list' things on here, I don't get slammed with fees. But, as an incentive, I purchased a Minifee Chloe with an artist faceup that I'm going to add to so she can become Camryn. She should be here next week, whoo-hoo! I've sold over $200 worth of items in the past couple of weeks, so I told myself that if I can sell another $200 by the time she gets here, I can get the clay for making Beatrice as well.

 I have pictures of one of my recent commissions, I still have to add button/buttonholes to the shirt, but other than that, its done! Anna is modeling (Again):

Awful picture, but you get the idea ;) This is the finished product of the mock-up I showed a couple of posts ago!

Getting closer....

BRIGHT red button up! Its full-length, not a tie-off like the mock-up. I thought that this would be a bit more practical!

Pretty red roses, I was going to make this print into a skirt for myself, but it works well in doll-size too!

I added an under-layer to this one because the fabric is white, making it a bit more transparent...No dolly flashing!
Thanks for looking, and letting me ramble! ;)

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