Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh baby!

     Hey! Today's post will be all about a new member of the BJD family! I finally got my hands on a dollzone Christmas baby (remember that post?) Unfortunately, I was only able to get a boy, not the girl I had wanted. But, I'll keep my eyes peeled and if something different pops up, I can sell this baby. Anyways, I haven't really made a ton of things for her yet, those adorable little crochet outfits I ordered online don't fit (Boo) but I gave her a temporary faceup, until I decide if she's going to be staying or not! I took a TON of pictures this morning... But only a few turned out OK(ish) so here are the OK-ish pictures... :)

Little Riley Jo. She most likely won't be a part of my stories, but if she is, she'll be an adopted child of Camryn's from when she lived overseas. Thanks for looking!


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