Wednesday, August 14, 2013


     Hey! I've been working on a couple of new things, new to me anyways... While browsing at our local book shop, I found a great book for making miniature quilts with traditional design. Each quilt measures around 22x22" which is perfect for American Girl doll beds... So, for $8.00 I snatched up the book and got sewing! You'd think with all of my sewing that I do, I would have enough coordinating scraps to make a miniature quilt... WRONG. Apparently, I don't like to create things out of coordinating fabrics, because the most scraps I could find in my stash that were semi-matching was nine. And trying to make a quilt with only nine colors can be challenging. So, I went to my grandma's house for a quiet afternoon and picked fabrics from her scraps and cut the templates out. I started with a 'confidant beginner' quilt titles "Kate's House"... And I can't just not make a quilt named after me, so I present to you, a slightly altered version of "Kate's House"

     I left off the birds, for now, and did some freehand-machine quilting on specific spots... The grass is done in swirls, as is the bush, the border is a stylized leaf, and the tree is just up/down lines... I had a great time making this one, and I'm already working on the next! Thanks for looking!