Thursday, August 29, 2013


     Hey! Only one more day to vote for the photo contest entries! So far, I only have a couple of votes, and I'd like to get at least 10... SO tell your friends and vote, vote vote!

     Secondly, I have started my school volleyball season, that's why I haven't been posting, I have practices from 9am-2pm Mon-Sat. So, my posting may be pretty sparse from then until school starts around here. I apologize in advance!

     Thirdly, (such a strange word... say it again.. Thirdly... Is that even a word?!) Anyways, I've been working on a bit of back-to-school sewing for myself. I will be doing my classes at Everett Community College this year, and if I can complete an AA degree by he time I graduate, I can get a high school diploma and my AA! Of course, this has nothing to do with looking good at school, but maybe it'll help improve my attitude towards school! :) I found this great striped fabric at a yard sale, I got two yards for only $.50! All I need to do is run down to Joann's for some elastic... Total cost of the skirt: Less than $5.00-- And about an hour of time. Here's the fabric I used:

     I also found this neat sweater, it's from the UK and it's wool. It has a really vintage-y look, and I think it would look adorable with a pair of leggings and a messy bun during the winter, so cozy! I had to send it to the dry-cleaners, so I'll have to get pictures later!

     I'm trying to go for a Seattle look this year, more indie-urban chic I guess? :) I posted one of my back to school looks from polyvore down below... Anyways, thanks for listening to me jabber... And thanks for looking!

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