Saturday, September 21, 2013


     Hey! Man, I've been lame with posting lately! I guess I'm just trying to enjoy my last couple of days of freedom... Classes start on Monday. So, do you remember my Alice in Wonderland dress from FOREVER ago?! Well, I finally finished it, and got to wear it to my aunt's birthday party today! This dress is SO much fun to wear, I just want to dance and jump around every second-- honestly! I ended up using about ten yards of tulle in the skirt, and even with all of that it's still a bit transparent. She chose to celebrate at a local teahouse, and about 20 of us attended in costume! :) Here are some of my favorite pictures from the 'event'... Enjoy!

What's back, white and red all over?

'Um' of Umbridge, of course! (The skirt isn't fluffed out in this picture, normally it is much fluffier)

My Uncle Jeff, Mad as a Hatter!

All of our family that attended the party... What a crazy bunch!
Anyways, thanks for looking! And, I'll try to post more often... Thanks!

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  1. You did such a wonderful job on the dress! Both you and the dress look beautiful! :D
    And it looks like it was a fun time, too. :)