Tuesday, September 10, 2013


     Hey! Sorry about not posting for a long while, things are just starting to get crazy around here, this is going to be a VERY long and wordy post, but hang in there with me, its a good story! :)

      I recently got an amazing ministry opportunity that I couldn't turn down. AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ) is a non-profit organization that scouts talent from different cities and trains (the talent) for a large event that they host in Florida annually. This event is called Shine, and over 50 casting directors and agents looking for talent attend this six-day event and watch the AMTC members from across the nation perform! So, I was driving home from my Volleyball practice last Friday and I heard the end of an ad on the radio (Spirit 105.3) that mentioned the organization. I didn't think too much of it, but when I got home, my mom had also heard it and got the information and was researching it! The auditions for AMTC were on Saturday morning, so my whole family packed up into our Suburban and headed to Seattle to see what it was about.

     Honestly, I was not expecting this to be as amazing as it was. We sang a hymn before we even heard the presentation, we also stopped to pray several times in the meeting. The CSO (Chief Serving Officer) of the company gave her testimony and explained that God was this company's CEO. Her story is amazing. She owned AMTC for over 20 years and launched many 'stars' such as Megan Fox. But, when she was 51 she was tired and felt empty. God prompted her heart at 51, and she committed her life to Christ and started living for Him.  This woman had successfully raised two daughters who were NY Stylists/photographers, one married, but they were not Christian. Within two years of her devoting her life to Christ, both of her daughters and her son-in-law were also Christians. Before she committed her life to Christ, AMTC stood for Actors Models and Talent Competition. When running on her treadmill, God spoke to the CSO and told her that her company has always been AMTC-- but it now was Actors Models and Talent for Christ. When she told her (Christian) friends about what God has told her, they recommended that she not change the name. They thought that she would loose all of her contacts that she had worked so hard to establish, and have to start from scratch. When AMTC changed its name, they did not loose any of their 50+ previous contacts. They continue to hold their Annual Shine event, and casting directors Christian and non-Christian attend and fellowship with one-another.
     After listening to the two-hour presentation/testimony, they held auditions. The categories for auditions were: Acting, Singing, Modeling and Dancing. I tried out for Acting, Singing and Modeling. I get really nervous at auditions, and my voice will waver and crack--So, I didn't to my best (or really close to it, really) and was in tears at the end of the audition. Honestly, I was not expecting a callback at all, but, on Sunday afternoon I did receive a callback. They want me to develop skills in Acting, Singing and Modeling and begin to train in their programs! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to become a light in such a dark place as the entertainment industry. Whether I'm there just to influence just one person, or a whole generation, I want to be prepared to let God do amazing works in and through me.
     This amazing opportunity does not come without expense, I have to raise almost $4,000.00 before the end of December to pay for the Shine conference and all of my training beforehand. So, I've been selling more things, thinking of ways to reach different groups of friends-- And taking on more commission orders! :) Anyways, thank you for letting me share, I feel so blessed to have even gotten the chance to let God work through me, and I hope and pray that this journey will inspire others to go after their dreams! Thanks for listening! :)


  1. What a great opportunity! Congratulations!!! I am sure with God's help and enough prayers you'll raise what you need :)

    (PS. Ana Rubin says hello. I am the one who bought her from you :))

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you are enjoying Ana, I'm glad she went to a great family! :)

  3. :) Thank you.
    We are enjoying her. She is our favorite Russian girl.