Sunday, September 1, 2013

Christmas Already?

     Hey! I've been slowly finishing some projects this week, this one has been sitting with the blouse almost finished and the jumper cut out for SO long... I finally just got tired of looking at it and finished it. Well, almost finished it! This outfit is from Kit's book illustrations and plays a key role in her stories, I have no idea why American Girl didn't make this dress in addition to her Christmas dress because this would've been a great addition! The story goes like this, Kit is embarrassed that her mother placed rick-rack over the crease that the hem of her dress had when her mother let it down so she could wear it again. Basically, that screamed "I'm poor" to everyone and it was super humiliating. So, I wanted to make this wonderful outfit so Kit can be embarrassed every Christmas. (Mostly because I REALLY dislike her Christmas dress from American Girl... Polyester?? Really!?)

     Here's the book illustration:

And my version:
I still have to add the rick-rack (I need to go to Joann's) and the belt buckle, and closures...
Thanks for looking!

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  1. The outfit you sewed is fabulous! Well done. (Kit should not be embarrassed wearing your version of this dress, it's beautiful!)