Monday, September 23, 2013

First Day of Classes!

     Hey! Today, I had my first day of school in over a year... Last year, I was homeschooled and Freshman year I attended AHS. Today, at 8am, I had my first ever college class at EVCC. I'm taking three classes a quarter, and our school district will pay for them, so I only have to cover my books/lab fees! For me, that really makes sense, because I can pursue a 2yr. degree and graduate from high school and get my AA simultaneously. So, I'm taking Art 110 and Graphic Design 110 on Mon, Wed Fri and English 101 on Tues/Thurs. Things went smoothly today, except for me oversleeping, and I'm ahead on my assignments and ready for tomorrow! I'm sure this bliss won't last forever, but for now, I'm enjoying the light work load and semi-light schedule. :) So, for now, posting will be more often than once a week (hopefully) until I find myself overwhelmed with my schedule. Thanks for listening!

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