Friday, September 13, 2013

Sewing For Camryn

Hey! Today I was going to post pictures of Camryn-- I just received her 'in progress' faceup shots from a member on DOA and she is fantastic! But, I really would like to introduce her when she is fully put together, and start her story. I have her wig, an outfit waiting for her, she has her eyes, someday she will get her own room and I also have most of her wardrobe on commission! So, I've been planning and working out ideas for her room, and I've also been sewing some simple things for her that I don't need a precise fit for. I made her some PJ shorts, a white tank, and a little vest for when she goes on digs with her parents. :) Her little vest took quite a bit of time, it has tons of little pockets, I made some little 'pencils' and an antiqued map, permission letters, and a couple of books. Since taking these pictures, I've also added a knapsack, leather journal, fossils and animal 'teeth'... But those pictures are for another day! Here is a picture of some of the things I've done for her:

The book is one that I made a showed a couple of months ago, I found the locket and vase in a lot of things at a yard sale!

The 'map' that I antiqued from a piece of off-white paper

Her 'permission letters' for the dig, and the toothpick pencils!

Thanks for looking!

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