Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Attic

    Hey! I've slowly been adding Kit's bedroom, finding bits of her collection that have been retired for awhile. I recently got a great deal on her retired bedding set, I had to buy another bed-- but for $60.00 including shipping (Shipping cost the seller $22.00) I couldn't refuse. Hopefully I can sell the bed and make some of my $$$ back! I also got her glove and ball from her Red's Fan outfit for $15.00... Not a steal, but I really like the significance of those in her stories-- And they're a great accessory for her room. Plus, now if I'm looking for the outfit, I don't *need* to find the complete outfit. Anyways, enough talk! On to the pictures! Here's a full-shot of Kit's 'room'...
Thanks for looking!

PS Guess what!? Camryn is on her way to me!!! She was shipped on Friday, and should be here by next week!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Kit's bedroom looks great!

    It'll be so exciting to finally see Camryn! :)