Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Hey! Today's post is going to be about some of my back-to-school shopping habits. I don't start my classes until the 23rd so I still have a little bit of time to prepare. I have almost everything I *need* for school, but I'm always looking for those statement pieces... My mom and I (and my brothers too) love to garage sale, we usually go out once or twice a month during May-Sept. and scope out the local yard sales. I love finding unique things to remake, or just clean up/repair a bit to wear! My first treasure is fro the yard sale where I found all of those patterns and fabrics. Its vintage, and made of a beautiful purple plaid wool. Its really unique (and handmade!) and all I would have to do to fix it up is add buttons and hem it! But, I want it to be a bit shorter, and I would like for it to have a real waistband, not just elastic. So, it will need a bit of an overhaul before it's deemed school-worthy. Here are the pictures of what it looks like now:

Second, is this lovely 100%  wool sweater made in England, also another yard sale find. It has a really unique pattern existing throughout the entire garment, and for $5.00, it as mine! :) I can't wait for the weather to cool down, I can see this paired with some leggings, or maybe a maxi-skirt just to mix things up a bit! ;)

      Thanks for looking!

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