Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Settled

Wow! Who knew Colorado could be so cold?! I hate the packing and repacking process, but they said that this was that last move this year...
Where are those tacks...

Its starting to feel like home now, I put up all my old maps, and the blueprints of my dream house that I'm going to build someday.


Nothing like a warm quilt and a soft pillow to study on!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Robyn has arrived...

Hey! Wow. Lots going on right now, and a lot that I really need to update on! First off, Robyn (M-line Ante) arrived, and she is already in the process of being sold again. She looks ridiculous next to Camryn, too much like a cartoon for my tastes. But, I managed to snag a TAN A-line Mirwen off the secondary MP on Den of Angels to be Camryn's friend. Here are some pictures from Roby's brief visit, hopefully I can sell her and get her mailed out soon, so I can send the rest of the $$ for my other girl! Some of the pictures were ones I took for a body comparison, and sorry for the sideways pictures...
So, I've been brainstorming for Tan Mirwen, and I think I want her to be Afghanistan, or possibly Arabian. Here are some physical character types I was thinking of basing her off of:
 As for names, I have a few in mind... Akela (it means 'Alone'), Fathiyya ('Conquerer') Nadira (Rare, singular, uncommon) Her story will be a bit tragic-- She was abandoned at birth, and either sold into an underground slave trade where she was purchased by a kind(ish) master, but when he passed away, his son took over and he beat her. Or, she was palced into an orphanage but ran away when she was 9 and has been living in the streets...I was thinking of giving her scars-- but this all might be to graphic... But I find it fascinating! She will definitely have a dark brownish mohair wig and bright eyes, either blue or hazel. I would like to make her some traditional clothing items, but I should probably wait until I actually pay for her! :)
Anyways, thanks for listening! Hopefully I will be able to post more often, but most likely not...
:( (Boo on school!)


Friday, October 11, 2013


      Things have been really picking up around here, I don't think I've touched my sewing machine in over a week... And my dolls have been cruelly ignored. Between school and volleyball I'm super busy, but I've made a bit of time for my dolls! Here's a bit more of Camryn... Really crappy night time pictures, I apologize in advance... Anyways, here they are!

Camryn is homeschooled, so this is a little comic of her studying! :)




I think its time for a study break..



Good morning New York city!
That's it... Kind of short, and a bit boring... But I have a paper to write! :) Thanks for looking~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Picture Day!

     Hey! No continuation of Camryn's story today... Her real story doesn't really start until her an Robin see each other again, and Robin isn't here... But, I did have some time to go out and snap some pictures of her in the backyard! So, here they are!


Thanks for looking!