Sunday, October 20, 2013

Robyn has arrived...

Hey! Wow. Lots going on right now, and a lot that I really need to update on! First off, Robyn (M-line Ante) arrived, and she is already in the process of being sold again. She looks ridiculous next to Camryn, too much like a cartoon for my tastes. But, I managed to snag a TAN A-line Mirwen off the secondary MP on Den of Angels to be Camryn's friend. Here are some pictures from Roby's brief visit, hopefully I can sell her and get her mailed out soon, so I can send the rest of the $$ for my other girl! Some of the pictures were ones I took for a body comparison, and sorry for the sideways pictures...
So, I've been brainstorming for Tan Mirwen, and I think I want her to be Afghanistan, or possibly Arabian. Here are some physical character types I was thinking of basing her off of:
 As for names, I have a few in mind... Akela (it means 'Alone'), Fathiyya ('Conquerer') Nadira (Rare, singular, uncommon) Her story will be a bit tragic-- She was abandoned at birth, and either sold into an underground slave trade where she was purchased by a kind(ish) master, but when he passed away, his son took over and he beat her. Or, she was palced into an orphanage but ran away when she was 9 and has been living in the streets...I was thinking of giving her scars-- but this all might be to graphic... But I find it fascinating! She will definitely have a dark brownish mohair wig and bright eyes, either blue or hazel. I would like to make her some traditional clothing items, but I should probably wait until I actually pay for her! :)
Anyways, thanks for listening! Hopefully I will be able to post more often, but most likely not...
:( (Boo on school!)



  1. I like your story idea! For some reason characters with sad storylines are my favorites!

    1. Thank you! I really like sad stories too... Not that I connect in any particular way, I just emotionally *feel* the character better... If that makes any sense at all! :D

    2. Makes perfect sense to me!