Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Narnia progress

      I've been slowly but steadily making progress on my Narnia girls' things. I purchased some real leather to make their belts, and the color turned out to be perfect, even though I bought it online. Susan's quiver is giving me a bit of trouble, as is the closure on Lucy's cordial pouch. neither piece is finished, but I wanted to show you anyways :) So, here are some its-still-dark-out-so-I-better-use-the-flash pictures!
The paint is too yellow for these, so I think I'll get some nice gold paint to re-do this. I still have to make the little flap-thingy for her cordial...And possibly slim the actual belt down, I think .5" is too large.

The evil flash has erased most of the detail on the quiver, but I promise its there. I 'carved' her initials and a bunch of swirls at the top. She can't wear this yet because on of the top straps of the quiver broke, so it just flops all over when she puts it on.

Her horn is my favorite piece, I was really lazy and only carved one side, so the other is mostly smooth. But, it looks good in pictures, and that's what really counts, right? :)
Thanks for looking!

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  1. It looks AWESOME! I love the horn too... and yes, LOL, you only need done what is seen in pics XD