Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Look for Sarah Moore

     Hey! Long time no post... Sorry about that! The good news it, I finished my finals week for my first quarter in college... Now I'm on winter break! :D But, with good news, usually comes a bit of bad news, I've been on a bit of a cleaning spree, and I've decided to get rid of a couple of my American Girl dolls. Rebecca and Ana are gone. so are Molly and Addy. Now, I only have Kit, Susan, Lucy and Sarah. I was originally planning on selling Sarah as well, but I had so much fun picking her out with my cousin that I just couldn't part with her. So, I decided to start moving her around in time periods, and she fits pretty well in all of them! its a bit of a stretch for her to be set in the 30's, but I think its do-able. But, she also looks great as a modern gal. I have this old bitty baby outfit from a Cyber Monday sale at American Girl from forever ago that isn't really even worth selling. So, I put some pieces of it on her, and with a little bit of adjusting-- Wow. Ah-dor-a-ble. Take a look for yourselves!

Thanks for looking!