Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Mother's Day?

Hey guys! Wow...  Two weeks goes by fast, sorry about the no-posting! I've been crazy busy these past couple of weeks, trying to graduate and whatnot, and haven't had much creative time. But, I did get to make a fun little mother's day gift for my momma a couple of weeks ago. Now, I was good this year and tried not to wait till the last minute, my mom wasn't home the entire week leading up to mother's day, so I had plenty of time and privacy to do a little crafting. I found this adorable idea/inspiration picture on pintrest:
I thought it would be perfect for her, she loves old barn wood and inspirational pictures, (you should see our house, we're covered in quotes!) But, Happy is kind of a lame adjective in my opinion-- So I decided to amp things up a bit and use 'Honest' instead. Then, I set my dad on the task of building the base. He built  lovely chunk of barn wood (coincidentally, it was brought back from her grandparents farm in ND... Cool, right?!) and I set to work painting. Now, I know the one above is probably stickers or decals, but I had all of three hours to paint/finish it, so I took a shortcut. Also, I was pretty lazy in painting it and didn't really measure anything, I just kind of went for it. It turned out pretty well, if I were to do another, I would definitely change some things, but my mom likes it, and that's all that matters! :)

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Friday, May 8, 2015


Howdy! This is a costume I made a couple of months ago to wear to Universal Studios Harry Potter theme park in Florida. (My amazing parents surprised my 14-year-old brother and I with a trip there in January, it was our Christmas present.) And being myself, I absolutely NEEDED to have a costume to bring along and wear one of the days. The problem is, Florida is hot. Well, hot compared to Washington! If we're lucky enough to get an 80-degree day with sunshine, everyone is practically melting. So, I had to be a bit creative with my attire, especially considering I was going to have to walk around in it all day as well.

My mission: create a unique, functional, accurate and comfortable costume in less than two weeks for as little money as possible. I was okay with fudging a bit on the comfortable and cost categories, but I definitely wanted to do something different. After doing some research, I decided on a quidditch practice uniform, shown in one of the films (not entirely sure which). For all of those who haven't seen the films, nor read the books, quidditch is a sport played on broomsticks invented by the marvelous JK Rowling. I decided to use Ginny's uniform as inspiration, mainly because it was the best photographed. Here are the pictures I based my design on:

I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I really enjoyed reading the books, and the movie costumes practically beg to be replicated... They are so unique! For this project, I figured I would start with the overshirt/tunic type thing, and see how far I could get with the rest of it! used a very cheap poly-blend material with a little bit of stretch for the body and lining, with a yellow ribbon for embellishing. If I had wanted to be more accurate, I would've used paint or transfers, but I thought the ribbon would be easier to work with.  It only took about 10 hours to make, including the dreaded eyelet punching! There are at least 50 down the sides, maybe more... I lost track. Nothing else is really movie accurate, and I ran out of time to make the underclothes, so I substituted for things already in my wardrobe. The goggles were a bit of an afterthought, but they have a good story! We shop at Costco a lot. ALOT. and we always buy our salsa from there, and they come in a 2-pack with this plastic ring-thing connecting them. Its bright red, but I've always been bothered by the fact that we thrown them away, I've just never had a project for them! But, they're (roughly) the right size for goggles, or at least they look good perched on my head! So, I added some suede and elastic, hot glue, and distressed them with paint, and Viola! Goggles! All of the pictures are from my phone, so they might be a bit silly... The whole trip was incredible, I had a ton of fun, and I know Zach and my dad did too!
On the airplane, our first flight left around 6am, so we were at the airport by 4...

Me and dad!

Our first day!

I was totally geeking out, they had actually movie costumes and props at this expo thing, and I really want to do this costume in the near future!

Dumbledore's desk!

They had great actors in the park too, this was "Stanley" from the Night Bus, he was really great, and he knew his movie/book terminology!

Part of the park, I took a ton more pictures, but didn't want to bore you all with them!

Zach and I, plus the full glory of the Quidditch uniform!

At 13 Grimmauld Place

So sassy!

Not a great picture, but my dad bought me this GORGEOUS quidditch sweater that goes with the "game day" uniforms in the movies, so I think that might have to be a future project as well!
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Monday, May 4, 2015

The First and the Last Prom Dress

     Hi! Today I'll be sharing a bit about my senior prom adventure, the first prom I've ever attended, and it will likely be the last. Now, since I don't actually attend the school which prom was hosted by, (in fact, I don't attend a school that puts on a prom!) I was not anticipating going. But, I told my woes to my dear mother, and to my surprised, I was asked the next day! Generally speaking, I'm not really into dancing, nor dating, nor getting dressed up really, unless its a fantastic costume. Though for this particular event, I gave myself the green light to be a star-struck girl stuck in dreamland. Originally, I told myself that I was absolutely NOT allowed to make my own dress. I wanted to just buy one and wear it, because its only one night, and I had about three weeks to design/create. But, being myself, I couldn't find anything remotely close to what I was looking for, nor anything that I would feel comfortable wearing in public. My parents nixed the strapless look, which eliminated several dresses, and at one point, I was thinking of purchasing a dress, and altering it. At this point, I simply decided it would be easier to just make the dress than deal with all of the alterations.
Flashback-- In 2010ish I saw Emma Watson wear this dress on the red carpet:

     I loved the dress at first sight, but  its a red carpet-one-of-a-kind-you'll-never-get-your-hands-on-it kind of dress, plus I had a sort of limited budget. So, when I was looking for dress designs, this appeared to be the perfect solution. Straps? Check. Full skirt? Check. Unique design? Check. Fun to dance in? Double check. And since I only had three weeks, I went shopping for the fabric that day, and it was time to call in reinforcements. My grandma is an excellent seamstress, and she actually made my mom's prom dresses back in the day, so she was my hail Mary. I got the first round of fabrics (and a good base pattern for the shell/overlay) plus notions and thread for about $100.00. The base dress is made of a cream linen, while the top is a 'fashion fabric' with metallic threads woven in. The skirt is three different colors of tulle, a light cream (closer to the base dress color), grey and a coffee-toned brown. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated the amount of brown/grey tulle I was going to need, and had to go back to buy about $30.00 worth later. The overlay is the cream-toned tulle in a double layer reinforced with clear hem tape. I cut everything out (mostly following the pattern, but not really) and sent it off to grandmas house for construction. She put the bodice together, and I made the skirt, then we collaborated and sewed the whole thing together.
This is the skirt when it was mostly finished, the only mirror in our home that would fit its major fluffiness was the bathroom, but only if I was standing on the ledge of the tub!

The skirt also occupied more space than a human being does in my car...

And here it is all finished!

This is the most accurate depiction color-wise, I wanted to go for a nice gradient in the skirt, and add more of the coffee undertones.

     It was a really fun project, and I felt like a princess. I got a lot of compliments, and a lot of: "Wow! You MADE that?!" Overall, I would definitely recommend making a prom dress, I had a lot of fun, and it is really cool to be able to wear your own handy work in public, because it doesn't happen too often!
     Thanks for listening!

Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm Baaack!

     Hello everyone in the blogging world, long time no see! After an incredibly lengthy break, I've decided to give blogging another go.
     Some important doll changes to note: I have one BJD, her name is Piper (Percy Jackson series! Whoo!) she's a tan M-line Ante, American Girl dolls are still near and dear to my heart, but I'm thinking about down-sizing. I'm almost 18, and I'm thinking about moving to LA so some pretty big changes are in order! So for now, I still have most of my dolls, but some will probably be going in the near future!
     Some non-doll news: I'm really starting to get into people sewing (full-sized people clothes! No more tiny seam allowances!), and made my prom dress modeled after a dress worn on the red carpet a few years ago. As aforementioned, I'm thinking about moving to LA to pursue acting/costuming/modeling and the thought terrifies me, but I think it would be a good time to pursue those interests. Also, I've cut my hair, all of it, really. I chopped it off last year and donated it to locks of love, about nine inches! And, I've started to write a book! (Technically, I started last year) I've got 175ish pages written so far... More to come on that!
     Anyways, sorry about being away so long, I think it was a good break-- I just needed to step back.

     But on to the good stuff :) Last week, I finished this cute outfit for my BJD (its not her style, but its listed in my etsy shop) and I took the pictures today! Its kind of a fairy-esque outfit... Also reminiscent of the borrowers, and elves and woodland-creatures. It was a really fun project, everything is coffee stained and ripped up, plus I got to use some of my vintage buttons!

I found this lovely bit of overgrown clover, and scale wasn't really an issue, since she's supposed to be little :)

These are my favorites!

Alright, thanks for reading... Hopefully there will be more posts to follow!