Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Mother's Day?

Hey guys! Wow...  Two weeks goes by fast, sorry about the no-posting! I've been crazy busy these past couple of weeks, trying to graduate and whatnot, and haven't had much creative time. But, I did get to make a fun little mother's day gift for my momma a couple of weeks ago. Now, I was good this year and tried not to wait till the last minute, my mom wasn't home the entire week leading up to mother's day, so I had plenty of time and privacy to do a little crafting. I found this adorable idea/inspiration picture on pintrest:
I thought it would be perfect for her, she loves old barn wood and inspirational pictures, (you should see our house, we're covered in quotes!) But, Happy is kind of a lame adjective in my opinion-- So I decided to amp things up a bit and use 'Honest' instead. Then, I set my dad on the task of building the base. He built  lovely chunk of barn wood (coincidentally, it was brought back from her grandparents farm in ND... Cool, right?!) and I set to work painting. Now, I know the one above is probably stickers or decals, but I had all of three hours to paint/finish it, so I took a shortcut. Also, I was pretty lazy in painting it and didn't really measure anything, I just kind of went for it. It turned out pretty well, if I were to do another, I would definitely change some things, but my mom likes it, and that's all that matters! :)

Thanks for reading!

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