Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm Baaack!

     Hello everyone in the blogging world, long time no see! After an incredibly lengthy break, I've decided to give blogging another go.
     Some important doll changes to note: I have one BJD, her name is Piper (Percy Jackson series! Whoo!) she's a tan M-line Ante, American Girl dolls are still near and dear to my heart, but I'm thinking about down-sizing. I'm almost 18, and I'm thinking about moving to LA so some pretty big changes are in order! So for now, I still have most of my dolls, but some will probably be going in the near future!
     Some non-doll news: I'm really starting to get into people sewing (full-sized people clothes! No more tiny seam allowances!), and made my prom dress modeled after a dress worn on the red carpet a few years ago. As aforementioned, I'm thinking about moving to LA to pursue acting/costuming/modeling and the thought terrifies me, but I think it would be a good time to pursue those interests. Also, I've cut my hair, all of it, really. I chopped it off last year and donated it to locks of love, about nine inches! And, I've started to write a book! (Technically, I started last year) I've got 175ish pages written so far... More to come on that!
     Anyways, sorry about being away so long, I think it was a good break-- I just needed to step back.

     But on to the good stuff :) Last week, I finished this cute outfit for my BJD (its not her style, but its listed in my etsy shop) and I took the pictures today! Its kind of a fairy-esque outfit... Also reminiscent of the borrowers, and elves and woodland-creatures. It was a really fun project, everything is coffee stained and ripped up, plus I got to use some of my vintage buttons!

I found this lovely bit of overgrown clover, and scale wasn't really an issue, since she's supposed to be little :)

These are my favorites!

Alright, thanks for reading... Hopefully there will be more posts to follow!


  1. Are Camryn and Nadira still with you?

  2. LOVE the outfit by the way...I must've read The Borrowers 50 times as a kid

    1. Thanks Laura! I actually don't have Camryn of Nadira anymore, I thought I was through with BJD's, but this lovely managed to capture my eye :)

  3. Beautiful doll, dress, and pictures! <3